One ecosystem - endless opportunities

Worlds first double-layered DAO solution

– ‘Strength in Unity’

Unity DAO

A DAO within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is known as a so-called decentralized autonomous organization, which stands for a model of government driven by the community – and not just by a single person in power – who can bend the law to their needs and advantages and impose their rules on the rest of the community.

As history has repeatedly reminded us, great power often leads to even greater corruption and destroys the basis of equality within a community, a country, or even an entire region. At the same time, we know that the absence of any authority leads to chaos.

The UNITY DAO intends to solve the problem of unequal distribution of power, by introducing a double-layered DAO solution through which the whole community has the opportunity to raise concerns or make proposals.

We present you the Unity

DAO Senate & Council

The Senate

The so-called Senate is the outer DAO-layer. Each member of the Senate has the right to raise concerns or make a proposal. All proposals in the Senate hold the same value. A membership in the prestigious Senate guarantees a participation in all future ventures of the Unity DAO and its close associates. A total of not less than 10 $UTY are required to join the Senate.

The Council

The so-called Council is the inner DAO-layer. Its members may either adopt or reject the proposals which are brought forward by the Senate. Decisions have to be pushed by a majority vote within a specified time frame, or, if a member of the Council so decides, the proposal may be discussed and amended in the Council. The amended version of the proposal must then go through the Senate again. The same proposal may be voted on no more than three times and no more than once in five days to give all members time for reflection and discussion of possible outcomes. A total of not less than 55.5 $UTY are required to join the Council.


A number of scholars are selected to follow up all administrative matters such as applications and voting. They will also be responsible for moderating the Senate and Council. In addition to being rewarded for this highly prestigious role, scholars will also receive monthly compensation for their services and will be allowed to join the Council even if they do not have the sufficient $UTY.

How to become a Scholar:

A scholarship holder vote in the Senate takes place every two weeks and not only decides whether a member is promoted to the role of a scholar, but can also consist of a vote on an increase or decrease in scholars for the next 14 days (until the next voting period).


UNITY DAO’s vision is of a truly decentralized, autonomous and self-sustaining community that is the center of a much larger and more widespread ecosystem. The community will have the power to decide all future developments and directions and should become a prosperous place, composed of great minds, influential personalities and thought leaders.

From there it should spread its seeds and, with the help of the UNITY DAO community, build a variety of different ventures. Each member of the community should have the opportunity to prove their worth in these ventures and be rewarded accordingly.

Value proposition

As a member of the prestigious UNITY DAO, you will not only have the opportunity to discuss important issues and participate in the growth of UNITY DAO itself, you will also have the chance to immerse yourself in new opportunities.

Members are encouraged to suggest interesting upcoming ventures, and if the Senate approves, the Council is urged to contact their representatives and create a space for discussion with their leader and a possible investment opportunity (AMA, Private Sale Allocation).

Apart from this, the UNITY DAO community is also called upon to take action when it comes to setting up its own ventures, which may receive start-up funding from the UNITY DAO Fund if approved by a majority vote in the Senate and in the second phase, in the Council.